De juiste uitrusting om de zomerse hitte te verslaan

bike vacation

Do you have your own motorcycle? Then of course it is wonderful to tour with this when the weather is nice. The only disadvantage is that you have to put yourself in a motorcycle suit and that is quite warm. In addition, you must also wear a helmet. This makes you sweat in no time. On other words, it’s like the first time you try to bake the pastry with your full equipment from but you forgot to set a fan or air conditioner in your baking area. And that is no fun of course. Do you want to prevent this? Fortunately, that is quite easy. Nowadays you have all kinds of options to beat the summer heat. In this text we will explain a number of these options for you.

A special suit for the summer

Motorcycle suits come in different variants. What many motorcyclists don’t know, however, is that there is also a special suit for the summer. Such a suit is often less warm. A summery motorcycle suit is often provided with various ventilation holes. You can easily open this with a zipper. When you ride your motorcycle, you can open these holes. This makes you a lot less hot in no time.

Wear undergarmentsbike race

A motorcycle suit in itself is very warm, so that many motorcyclists do not wear undergarments in the summer months. However, this is not wise. Underwear can ensure that your body stays nice and cool on hot days. There are special shirts available that transport the moisture to the outside. The big advantage of this is that your body stays dry, so that you do not notice that you are sweating.

Use a ‘water backpack’

When you ride your motorcycle on hot days, you should stop regularly to drink water. Especially when you sweat a lot, this is recommended. In that case you have to replenish your moisture supply. Did you know you don’t even have to stop for this? There are special backpacks available that you can fill with water. With the help of a tube you can drink small sips of water each time. In this way, your moisture content is always maintained.

Buy motorcycle gear for the summer

Are you not yet prepared for a summer ride on your motorcycle? Then it is high time to buy some ‘summer’ necessities. We already gave you some tips above, but there are many more things that can be of service. We advise you to buy these items via the internet. Here you not only have a wide range, but you also often get a discount. Are you unable to find a discount code? Then use this discount code for webshops. With this you can buy summer accessories that make it a lot cooler on your motorcycle!